From Quidditch Flyers to Dreaming Spires:
Exploring the Worldwide Influence of the Harry Potter Novels

25 - 27 July 2008
Magdalen College, Oxford

Accio 2008 is Accomplished

We had 40 papers and presentations of considerable quality that evoked thought and showed considerable insight. We made some lasting friendships, renewed old ones, and began the journey of making Potter Studies respectable in the UK and elsewhere.

There were attendees from at least a dozen countries, with some genuinely interesting cross-cultural understanding of how one series of books can penetrate barriers of language, custom, prejudice, media, and ethics. We covered such subjects as religion, management, film, literary analysis, philosophy, computer science, geography, disability studies, anthropology, psychology, and biology.

The setting was stunning: a great hall with the array of portraits of worthies, linnen-fold panelling, subdued lighting, the high table, all evocative of Hogwarts without a single bit of bunting. The deer were in their park grazing, the Cotswold stone walls reflecting the sunshine, wisteria climbing the walls, the classic flower borders beside the quadrangles and the cloisters.

Possibly best of all, our conference raised over 3000 for The National Literacy Trust, to help others enjoy the fruits of reading that we have enjoyed. We thank J.K. Rowling for donating a set of her books that were both auctioned and raffled to help raise this money, as well as others who donated items for the silent auction.

Thanks are due to all who made the conference a success in terms of intellectual accomplishment, harmony, and good will, as well as financial charity. Images of the conference may be seen at:

Books of the proceedings of Accio 2008 are available at a price of 10 plus postage. CD-ROMs of the proceedings of Accio 2005 are also available for 5 plus postage. Profits go to The National Literacy Trust.

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Diana Patterson
Phyllis Morris
Ali Hewison
Pip Downs
Tim Hewison
The Accio 2008 Conference Team